How we work

Here we are, ready to work our magic to deliver the most groundbreaking and awe-inspiring solutions for your business. Our work philosophy and quality standards help us win the trust of clients from all over the world.
Let’s get started with our tech transformation of your business.

Engagement models

Choosing the engagement model suitable for your project is imperative for its successful completion. Engagement model is determined by the desired level of control, responsibility and flexibility of your project. Choose wisely to ensure everything works well for you. At WiseVision we offer our clients four options of engagement models. Pick one tostart our collaboration now.

Just as its name suggests, this model is built around the time and materials spent on the development of your project. It is mostly suitable for small or medium-sized projects.

You will pay only for the time our developers spent working on your project, but the scope of work is better to be determined ahead of time. It is not impossible to introduce changes to the initial plan, but it will probably impact the delivery time and overall cost.


  • Audit your requirements. Our specialists analyze your needs and propose the most viable course of action.
  • Determine scope and approve deliverables. We discuss your exact requirements to decide on the preliminary scope of work and milestones of the project.
  • Agree on rates and sign agreement. We find common ground on the matters of payment and sign the contract for development.
  • Work is started. Our programmers start working on the agreed upon tasks to realize your project. Iterations. We keep contact with you through the process of development and are ready to include any changes you deem necessary.
  • Delivery. The product is presented for your final check before its release.
  • Release the product. Once you are completely satisfied with the product it is ready for release.
  • Predictable budget
  • Set delivery deadlines
Flexible scopeIterative processQuick start

Let’s determine the cost of your project

As all circumstances and requirements are highly individual we cannot easily answer the question about the project cost. It depends on many different factors and the final price usually includes multiple components. The expenses for the development are determined by the project’s:



It is only natural that the more complex your project is, the more you’ll have to invest in its realization. Simple websites or applications do not require a lot of time or multiple specialists working on them. We are ready to develop the most intricate products, you only have to express your wishes.


We understand that you want your digital products to reflect the unique characteristics of your business. A custom design with unique plates will be more expensive to develop than a product that uses-built templates. But don’t worry, whichever option you choose, the final product will look beautiful.


Advanced features will add to the overall cost of your project. We can add any features you like from product registers and shopping wagons to Chatbots and Virtual Reality. Of course, optimization and integration of all desired features will require expertise of our developers and your investments.


We are ready for any challenge, but severely restricted time for development will for sure affect the project’s cost. Our developers are ready to work day and night to complete your project. Their heartfelt efforts surely deserve appropriate reward, especially if they have to work overtime, don’t you agree?