The more technology moves forward, the more challenges arise before business owners in all industries. Real estate companies are not an exception, facing different issues from all directions at once. And they seem to be multiplying with the lightning speed, leaving the business owners not always ready to react in time. Among the most troublesome are:

Data and technology security

Data and technology security

Hacker attacks pose a real threat to all companies that decide on embracing modern technology. For real estate the risk is not only in potential exposure of personal data, but also in leaks of technologies used for property security, for example. The importance of safeguarding these kinds of data is impossible to overestimate.

Technology integration

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It might be close to impossible to find a real estate company that does not use some kind of software. That, in fact, makes introducing innovations more difficult as people get used to particular processes and tech solutions. Not all novel technologies are compatible with existing software, and even when they are, integration often results in more issues.

Client communication

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Digital era makes all of us face the decrease of personal communication. With every passing day face-to-face interactions lose popularity and even become disadvantageous. So, real estate companies have to find other ways to connect with their clients and ensure safe and comfortable communication channels.

Technology incorporation

Technology incorporation

Developing or even deploying new technologies is not that difficult. A lot more time and resources have to be spent on educating the employees and encouraging them to use those technologies. Many company owners admit to having issues with reluctance and lack of commitment when it comes to introducing new technologies.

Why Us?

Get in contact with us if what you seek is:

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Understanding and partnership

We believe in being your companion, not just another contractor working on completing the task. Building strong relationships with our clients is a part of the work philosophy of WiseVision. We strive to understand your needs and comprehend the uniqueness of your business to give our all to the development of your digital products. Our team will take care of you as if you’re one of our own.

    Innovation and creativeness

    Finding non-standard solutions for issues our clients face is a must for WiseVision team members. It is good to know and understand trends, but to be on the very top you’ll need to create them. We are ready to become the people that will develop your ideas into the next top-of-the-list solutions on the real estate industry market.

      Affordability and time-efficiency

      The real estate market is dynamic and the situation changes sometimes almost too fast to grasp. That’s why you need someone who won’t be taking their sweet time with your project. We get it that time and money are two resources that one can never have too much. So WiseVision experts take care to be swift in fulfilling your needs and give you only the best for reasonable prices.

        Focus on success

        The solutions we will create for you are not just random things to solve whatever issues you might currently have. We seek to bring your business to new heights with our progressive software. And while the client cannot be wrong we will advise you on technology aspects to ensure that everything is perfect for you.

          WiseVision solutions for real estate industry

          We at WiseVision understand the importance of the real estate industry for everyday lives of millions of people on our planet. So our team works tirelessly on improving our tech solutions for real estate.Reach out today to get them working for your

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          Finding something to do the work for you is only natural for humans. Automation is one of the best answers for this particular challenge. You can reduce the load of mundane and repetitive tasks, decrease the number of human errors and eliminate biases. Our developers are ready for the task if you have courage to take the first step of automating your business. With our precise mechanisms your employees will have time for more creative assignments.

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          E-commerce platforms

          Through the years the Internet has transformed into an enormous global market where you can buy and sell literally anything. It creates a lot of opportunities for real estate, but to be successful one would need a comfortable and functional space for interactions. Our experts will gladly build that space for you, taking care of accessibility and usability, security and transparency. You only need to share your vision with us for it to become reality.

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          Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems

          Managing your business becomes easier with ERP and CRM systems. ERP system allows you to plan business operations, organize logistics, make informed decisions on the basis of full analysis and more. CRM systems will help you to track your customers and build stable relations with them. Our experts have extensive experience in creating both, helping businesses to overcome obstacles on their way to greatness.

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          AR/VR tools

          Virtual reality and augmented reality offers your clients the opportunity to view property without the need to visit it. Your customers can get acquainted with everything you have to offer without the need for lengthy trips or time loss. Our developers can help you with creating VR and AR tours and implementing them on your websites, platforms and apps. WiseVision expertise will allow your clients to see the beauty of your property, giving a real-life experience.

          Digital transformation of real estate industry is happening now

          Welcome the benefits of the digital era with open arms to increase productivity of your business. With VR and AR, online property platforms and automation tools you will be able to engage more clients and reach your business goals faster, easier and with potential for further growth.


          of clients want to have a VR tour of the property before coming for a physical visit.


          of homebuyers use smartphones or tablets to look for properties.


          calls can be handled by chatbots daily, saving time and engaging prospective clients.

          Our portfolio

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