Like any other industry, healthcare faces numerous challenges of the digitalization era. The key to success is learning to transform these challenges into opportunities for continuous growth and prosperity. The most testing among them are:

Security and privacy

Vulnerability to cyberattacks is one of top problems that need a solution for anyone going online now. It is especially true for healthcare organizations that possess sensitive information about hundreds of thousands of users. Just one breach of security can lead to disastrous consequences.

Accessibility and optimization

As healthcare organizations strive to reach more people, the issue of having accessible tech becomes more important. Helping people is the central goal of the healthcare system so all tech solutions have to be optimized for users’ comfort and easy to access for people of all ages and special conditions.

Legacy system and integration

Healthcare facilities have gone through enough attempts of technological modernization to make moving forward more difficult. Building new software around an already existing system is especially challenging. And some of the new technologies are next to impossible to integrate with software created years or decades ago.

Payment systems synchronization

Paying for services is an integral part of many healthcare digital products. Implementing online payment systems and synchronization with insurance companies are necessary steps for clients’ convenience. The main issue here is with making billing procedures transparent and financial transactions secure and swift.

Why us

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Professionalism and expertise

We believe in enlisting only specifically qualified developers to the creation of digital solutions for healthcare. That’s why a part of our employees passed HIPAA training to ensure that every solution we create for healthcare will be up to the highest standard.

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Up-to-date technologies

At WiseVision it is our goal to ensure that the most edge cutting technologies are used to the maximum of their potential for the wellbeing of humanity. That’s why we are devoted to finding applications for them in all kinds of software for the improvement of the healthcare system as a whole.

Creative approach

Our specialists are ready to use all their extensive knowledge to find new and better ways to help people. We are not afraid of the most unusual combinations if that is what can improve the healthcare system. You just need to share your goals with us and we will do everything in our power to realize it in the most perfect software.

Meticulous testing

We understand the importance of perfecting our work as the lives and well-being of many people will depend on it. So our team will appraise every detail to ensure that no mistakes can threaten your patients’ welfare. We have no right to make an error and we know it.

WiseVision solutions for healthcare

We at WiseVision believe in giving our best to supplement healthcare facilities with perfect IT solutions. After all, that’s the area where human lives are literally at stake. We understand responsibility and are ready to share your burden.Drop a line if our solutions make you excited.


Remote patient monitoring and chronic conditions management

Using wearable devices will allow the tracking, recording and storing of vitals in a unified system. The specialists will be notified about any deviation from norm which will guarantee that every person receives timely help. With our technical proficiency and your medical expertise more lives can be saved and improved.


Data solutions

One of the most challenging aspects of data software for healthcare is that healthcare facilities mostly deal with so-called unstructured data. That makes most common data solutions inconvenient for healthcare organizations. We at WiseVision have our ways of dealing with unstructured data, providing you with swift and accurate responses to all your inquiries.


AI-based solutions

The development of AI naturally results in the widening use area of this technology. It already has many uses in healthcare from predicting health complications to proposing personalized treatment plans. And the better you train your AI, the more accurate advice it can give, turning you into a true supporter of your users’ welfare.


Telehealth software

Some conditions and situations do not allow real-life appointments. Providing professional medical care in those situations proves to be challenging, but not less important. Our developers will readily create a comprehensible application for video appointments with vitals tracking function, analytics and any other features you might need. With our services your help is always available to your patients.

Digital transformation of healthcare is happening now

Digital era started long ago, healthcare organizations just need to embrace it. Adopting AI, ML, chatbots, telemedicine and other technologies will give you the opportunity to provide help faster, better and for more individuals.


of people are willing to be remotely monitored for ongoing health concerns with at-home devices.


of individuals are more inclined towards medical providers that give the convenience of online appointment booking, modification or cancellation.


the number of people that use digital care and treatment worldwide in 2023.