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Technological process doesn’t only give businesses undeniable advantages, but also brings forward new issues. Development of technology provoked a shift in job market dynamics, forcing the social and recruitment industry to face new challenges. The most important of them are:

Decreasing time-to-hire

The longer a position remains vacant, the more money a company loses. Delays in operations sometimes can paralyze the work of an entire department, increasing stress levels of employees. That makes shortening time-to-hire one of the main objectives in modern recruitment.

Attracting suitable candidates

All too often attempts to resolve the time issue result in hiring candidates that in the end prove to be unsuitable for the position. The issue is a double-edged sword: not enough talents in some areas of expertise and overflow of candidates in others. And recruiters are often left to deal with this problem alone.

Building an employee brand

Clear reputation, an organization’s sword and shield, becomes even more important in the digitized world. As long as there is something about you on the Internet, anyone can find it. In the times when people become unwilling to join a company even despite a dire need of a job, the role of an employee brand naturally increases.

Candidate assessment and implicit bias

While modern technologies give advantages to candidates, it often results in an overflow of CVs that creates difficulties for recruiters. And a human factor has always been important, no matter how hard we try to avoid personal biases. Ensuring objective candidate assessment and selection remains one of the pain points of social and recruitment.

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Web development

Creating and maintaining a functional and easy on the eyes website or mobile app is a part of most modern branding strategies. We are happy to add a comfortable content management system (CMS) allowing our clients to add and edit texts and media effortlessly. Whether it’s development from scratch or updating already existing solutions, our team is ready for the challenge.


Data management software

As recruitment agencies work with tremendous amounts of information, ensuring its smooth flow is one of the priorities in the industry. We have ample experience with building databases that allow storage and quick access to all kinds of information. Our experts are also proficient in creating data warehouses of all types. With these solutions managing your data will quickly turn into a simple and pleasant process.


Workflow automation

Modern technologies allow recruitment agencies to automate a lot of manual tasks. For example, you can scan the CVs for matches with the relevant position requirements or set automotive responses for a number of cases. Our team can do these and many more things for the comfort of your employees and elimination of possible biases.


E-learning software

Finding the right candidate for a position is naturally not the end of an HR manager's work. Teaching the employees to raise the level of qualification, implement new work processes and introduce new technologies is also an important part of it. WiseVision experts can develop software that will assist you with teaching employees, tracking their progress and assessing their achievements.

Digital transformation of social and recruitment industry is happening now

Welcome the benefits of groundbreaking software solutions for whirlwind development of your business. Workflow automation and AI tools will improve your hiring process and digital learning solutions enhance employee training and ensure their engagement.


of HR professionals that use automation in hiring observe significant time decrease for the process.


of businesses offer their employees some form of digital learning.


hours per week an HR specialist loses on the tasks that can be automated without an impact to the workflow.


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