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On the road to achieving our goals we all face numerous obstacles, some small and easy to overcome and some with the potential to ruin us. Non-profit organizations often have to work thrice as much. With their focus on social welfare and lack of any gain for potential donors, NPOs often face more challenges than businesses, including:

Attracting investments

No matter how important the issue you wish to solve is, raising funds is never an easy task. And it’s not only about creating easy ways to donate money and support charities. With the overwhelming but understandable demand for security and transparency NPOs are in need of changes.

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Maintaining public image

NPOs often meet performance pressure, especially when people want to see for themselves how their donations help the community. With attracting positive attention as one of the primary goals, NPO leaders should think about the ways to connect with their audience. Like, a well-maintained website is a must in today’s world.

Keeping in touch

The lifeline of any NPO is not the idea behind it, but people united by that idea. Maintaining contact within your team and with your supporters might be challenging at times, especially when there are multiple channels of communication. You should think about ways to reach out to people and keep them engaged all the time.

Improving management process

Effectively managing a team of like-minded people is not an easy task. It’s not always easy to keep track of all the aspects of running an NPO, and there are many of them. Allocating funds, distributing assignments among your team, communication with your donors, public relations and reports - keeping a finger on the pulse of the state of things is vital for success.

Why us?

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Efficient solutions

Our developers know the exact ways to create software that will solve your current and future problems. It is all about planning and being able to project the current tendencies onto the possible developments. We will make certain to account for all potential troubles to ensure that our software continues being helpful for a long time.

Collaborative approach

The best digital products are born from collaboration, so to us the most important part of the project is how you see the final result. Your vision is the foundation of the product and our expertise - merely a material with which we will build the software you need. That is why we at WiseVision believe in client involvement on all stages of development.

Memorable designs

In order to gain competitive advantage you’ll need to emphasize your uniqueness in all aspects of your work. Your digital products are only a small part of your work, but they need to be flawless too. Our experienced designers know how to make digital products eye-pleasing and interfaces intuitive and comfortable.

Great value for money

Development of efficient and responsive software can be a costly endeavor. We understand the need for moderate prices as NPOs need to save the funds for realizing their vision of improving the world. Working with us means that you can stay within your budget without sacrificing the quality of the products.

WiseVision solutions for non-profit organizations

Our WiseVision team loves helping non-profit organizations with reaching their goals. We tailor our IT solutions to fulfill all needs of our clients and make their work easier and more pleasant.Take our helping hand to assist you with your goals.

Digital transformation of non-profit organizations is happening now

Give the green light for innovative software solutions to reap the benefits of information technologies for your NPO. With new management software and communication solutions you would be able to handle the workings of your organization without issues. And fundraising platforms and easily maintainable websites will help you to be closer to your supporters.


of NPO use CRM systems to track donations and manage communications with their supporters.


of young donors are repelled by outdated or malfunctioning websites.


is the average sum raised by a NPO for every 1,000 visitors of their website.